A video for a project Kickoff

This post show the rough draft of a project Kickoff mini lecture using a Power Point developed for my online course, Organizational Communication. The PowerPoint slides were produced as a part of a previous ion course, however, I made the narration with screen-cast-o-matic.

This is the project kickoff for the project. currently I just have all this information up on a static page on my Blackboard course. The we were working on a project this’ll in my other course, one of my group mates suggested we add a project kick off  and so I wanted to do  narrated Powerpoint for the kickoff to add to my Blackboard course.

On my computer at my office I have the full blown Camtasia program. But I have all but given up on using it as the program is so complicated that I just get frustrated whenever i try do do anything with it. After reading the reviews of a lot of the other video screen capture options, I decided to try Screencast-o-matic.

Like I said before I already had the slides and they are a bit wordy for my normal use, however, I thought the students might like to have the details in a simple format to refer to as they work on the project.

I downloaded the program from http://screencast-o-matic.com/home and watched some of the helpful tutorials http://help.screencast-o-matic.com

When It came time to record the video I thought I had everything set up and my dog out of the way and happy. bt he did start barking during the recording. Three times he started barking during the recording… the forth time I gave up there is a dog barking in the background I guess they will just have to deal with it. on the free version of this program there are no edit tools available.

Other than that, the recording went pretty well, I did stumble a few times, but am not that concerned about it; if I am too perfect then my students will think I am expecting them to produce a video “package” like some of my electronic media students produce for their editing classes and I do not want them to put that kind of pressure on themselves for this video. I just wan t them to quickly summarize their findings so the other peer groups can compare what their group found with another’s.

All in all, this was easy and had very little learning curve at all. if it was not for the barking dog I could have done this in one take.

Here is the link to the video.


This tool meets an instructional need by providing content for my onine course that helps address some questions student have about this major project for the course.

I see this tool  could support my pedagogy by giving students a clear overview on the expectations for what students are expected to produce for this major group learning project.


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