Using Web Content in your Online Course

What particular considerations must you use when using content taken from the web in your online courses?

The Copyright Act sets out the rights and obligations that apply to teaching activities.

As an online course developer, you should pay particular attention to the following:

Keep it SIMPLE — link whenever possible

In most cases, you can eliminate the need for permission or fees by simply providing a link to a work instead of making copies of it.

“The Best Practices statements follow recent trends in court decisions in collapsing the Fair Use Statute’s four factors into two questions: Is the use you want to make of another’s work transformative — that is, does it add value to and repurpose the work for a new audience — and is the amount of material you want to use appropriate to achieve your transformative purpose? Transformative uses that repurpose no more of a work than is needed to make the point, or achieve the purpose, are generally fair use.”

The Georgia State decision involved only factual texts used almost always by the audiences and for the purposes for which they were originally created. The Court noted that Georgia State’s uses were nonprofit and educational, and so were socially beneficial and supported the purposes of copyright to disseminate information. But they were, nevertheless, not transformative.

Creative Commons guidelines for attribution

The short version of this is use a link or be sure to attribute attribute attribute!

This tool meets an instructional need by reminding me of the importance of attribution for all content I show on my online courses.

I see this tool  could support my pedagogy by keeping it legal this is very important.


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