Ideas for Using Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Features

7 Ways of Using Blackboard Collaborate Ideas for Using Collaborate

Live Instruction

Studies show that the ideal solution is a blended learning model with asynchronous and synchronous interaction.


With Blackboard Collaborate, you can easily and effectively host effective meetings, significantly reducing teleconferencing and travel costs and decreasing time away from job.

Asynchronous Content Development

With Blackboard Collaborate, you can create asynchronous content using Blackboard Collaborate’s interactive record and playback functionality. With voice authoring capabilities, your can create a more engaging and effective asynchronous environment by adding a voice component that facilitates vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment. Easy podcasting allows instructors to create instant lectures and notes, while voice recordings provide thoughtful, quick feedback to students.

Tutoring Programs
Whether provided by instructors or peers, tutoring via Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one to get questions answered or receive help with homework or other assignments. Sessions can be scheduled, or students can drop into to an existing virtual room to connect with the tutor.

Classroom Collaboration
Collaboration at a distance connects students from different locations and cultures to enhance the learning experience.

Virtual Office Hours
Teachers can extend the hours they are available to their students with Blackboard Collaborate virtual office hours. Meet one-on-one or with groups of students.

Virtual Field Trips/Remote Guest Speakers
Online education is all about creating engaging learning environments. Blackboard Collaborate enables you to bring in remote experts to the classroom or send students on a virtual field trip.

this will help me to mix it p on my online courses so neither my students or I get bored.

It will also be good to have some synchronous activities in my online course. I need to adapt my organization of my course to include some more synchroneous activities.


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