To all the young journalists asking for advice….

consider this as you decide your college major


Dear budding journalist,

Thanks very much for your email! I’m always happy to meet just about anybody, and would love to find some time to have that coffee with you.

Of course I’m also very flattered by the lovely things you said about me, and about how you’d love to have a career in journalism where you might be able to do the kind of thing that I do.

But you won’t. The job I’m doing now was inconceivable when I was your age, and, similarly, if you’re lucky enough to have done well in this industry by the time you’re my age (I’m 42), then you’ll almost certainly be doing something which almost nobody today could foresee.

What’s more, the obstacles facing you are much greater than anything I managed to overcome. I’m not saying that now is a bad time for journalism — in fact, I’m a “golden…

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